Corel SVG Viewer

Corel SVG Viewer 1.9

Corel® SVG Viewer is an open standards-compliant SVG viewer

Corel® SVG Viewer is an open standards-compliant SVG viewer browser plug-in for desktop and tablet PCs.
With support for dynamic updating, unlimited zooming, perfect rendering, and advanced line rendering options, it is the ideal solution for intranet and extranet applications in common enterprise applications.
The technology can also be easily embedded into software applications where customized rendering capability is required.
Main features:
- High quality rendering, with support for all basic shapes
- Cursor support
- Auto-update mechanism for future releases
- Unlimited and incremental zoom capabilities
- Access to SVG file source code
- Support for CSS properties
- DOM Scripting Support
- Self-contained internal script engine
- Support for compressed formats
- Embedded raster image support

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